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Remote Control TDK Batmobile Tumbler



      - cockpit door on/off

      - spoiler movements
      - front lights on/off
      - special light effects for the engine
      - sound effects
      - camera for video recording and photo shooting

      - night vision function
      - intercom function
      - path memory and reply function
      - jet-power mode to increase speed by 30%
      - “driving mode” – RC Tumbler controlled by joy pad
      “attack mode”  RC Tumbler controlled by the motion of the ipad/tablet PC

      Deluxe pack also include:

      -  a 1:16 Batman figure with 36 articulations, 2 extra heads, 9 palms, 2 capes, 1 bataring gun, 3 bataring dirts.
      -  a diorama charger base with over 30 LED lights, 8 adjustable LED lights and a batman theme backdrop
      -  a Neo Sensor remote control
      -  a diecast Gotham city ditch cover for covering the power cable of the diorama charger base.


      Product features:
      – App controlled cockpit door open & close

      – 11 x Cockpit LED light-up function with sound effect.
      – Adjustable 480p night vision camera, first person vision within mobile app
      – Path recording and replay function
      – Camera for photo snap and video recording
      – Voice intercom function
      – Remote-controlled spoiler’s movements
      – Driving mode app interface is made after the Tumbler driving board in the movie
      – Attack mode app interface imitates the driving board display during the Tumbler attack mode
      – App controllable Jet-Power mode to boost up speed by 30% with movie-like Red and Blue LED light and Jet-power sound effects
      – 2100mAH Li-On battery, 40 minutes
      – recharging time for up to 1.5 Hours play time.
      – 25 x high power LED lights
      – approximately 600pcs of components
      – High-density Polyfoam protection bumper
      The Deluxe Pack not only includes the full functional 1:16 RC Tumbler and the protection bumper but also come with:
      – 1:16 Batman Figure (Batman Begin version) with 36 points of articulations, additional weapons, 9 pcs of palms, normal cape & plasticity cape
      – Gotham City diorama base charger with LED lights with “Neo Sensor”motion detection remote-controlled LED light on/off function
      – Batarang remote control
      – A dye-cast “Gotham City drain cover
      – 8 x adjustable LED up-light on the base
      – Over 20 LED, Laser engraved metallic